The Lamba Eta Chapter of Eta Sigma Phi

Date of Initiation: November 19, 1999

Advisor: Dr. Grace Starry West

The information and scholarship opportunities below are taken from the Eta Sigma Phi head website:

PURPOSE: The Constitution of Eta Sigma Phi states that the purposes of the society are "to develop and promote interest in classical study among the students of colleges and universities; to promote closer fraternal relationship among students who are interested in classical study, including inter-campus relationship; to engage generally in an effort to stimulate interest in classical study, and in the history, art, and literature of ancient Greece and Rome."

WHAT ETA SIGMA PHI DOES: The value of Eta Sigma Phi is revealed particularly in the work of local chapters and the effect of the society upon individual members and upon the academic community. Although Eta Sigma Phi is "honorary" in nature, chapters usually must utilize programs or activities to carry out the purposes of the society. Groups of chapters use regional conferences as a means of stimulating interest and exchanging ideas.
At the national level, Eta Sigma Phi sponsors these activities:
(1) The Scholarships: Each year the society awards two scholarships for study abroad during the summer, one to the American School of Classical Studies at Athens and the other to the American Academy in Rome, to members who have recently graduated. A third scholarship, to a session of the Vergilian Society at Cumae, is also offered, with preference going to rising juniors and seniors.
(2) The Contests: Each year the society sponsors contests among college and university students to encourage the study of Latin and Greek on the college level. Participation in the contests is limited to colleges and universities in which there are Eta Sigma Phi chapters. The contests are in Greek translation, Latin translation, and Latin prose composition.
(3) The Medals: The society makes available to high school teachers inexpensive medals to award to outstanding students. Many Eta Sigma Phi chapters also award the medals in local high schools. These medals are intended to encourage the study of Latin in high school.
(4) The Newsletter: NUNTIUS is the official publication of Eta Sigma Phi, published two times each year. It contains information concerning the society, original articles by members, announcements, and accounts of the activities of the chapters.
(5) The National Convention: The Constitution provides for a national convention each year, late in March or in April. At this time, delegates conduct the business of the society, including the election of national officers, and workshops are held. Local chapters bid to host the convention, and an effort is made to move the site from region to region to accommodate chapters in different parts of the country.


Summer Scholarships for 2007

-The Scholarship to the Classical Summer School at the American Academy in Rome will have a value of $3425.
Programs Department
American Academy in Rome
7 East 60 St., New York, NY 10022-1001
The deadline for applications to AAR is March 1, 2007

-The Brent Malcolm Froberg Scholarship to the American School of Classical Studies at Athens will have a value of $3700, which includes the remission of one-half of all fees by the American School.
Committee on the Summer Sessions
American School of Classical Studies at Athens
6-8 Charlton Street
Princeton, NJ 08540-5232
The deadline for applications to ASA is January 15, 2007

At either of the above summer sessions, six semester hours of credit may be earned and applied toward an advanced degree in Classics at most graduate schools, provided that arrangements have been made in advance wit h the graduate school.

Eligibility: Eligible to apply for the above scholarships are Eta Sigma Phi members and alumni who have receive a Bachelor's degree since January 1, 2001, or shall have received it before June 2007, and who have not received a doctoral degree.

-The Theodore Bedrick Scholarship to the Vergilian Society at Cumae will have a value of up to $2800, depending upon which tour is chosen and including the remission of one-half the tuition fee by the Vergilian Society.
Holly Lorencz
John Burroughs School
755 S. Price Road
St. Louis, MD 63124
The deadline for applications is April 1, 2007

Eligibility for the Bedrick Scholarship: In addition to those eligible for the first two scholarships are Eta Sigma Phi members who will be rising juniors or seniors in the summer of 2007, and preference for the scholarship will be given to such undergraduate members.

Selection of recipients is made by the Eta Sigma Phi Scholarship Committee, whose members are Professors Caroline A. Perkins of Marshall University (chair), Francis Dunn of the University of California at Santa Barbara, and T. Davina McClain of Loyola University of New Orleans. In selecting the recipient of each scholarship, the committee will give attention to the quality of the applicant's work in Greek and Latin, intention to teach at the secondary-school or college level, and contribution to the activities of Eta Sigma Phi at the local and national level.

Deadline for completed scholarship applications: February 1, 2007
The recipients will be announced about March 15, 2007

Scholarship application information and forms may be requested from:
Professor Caroline A. Perkins, Chair
Eta Sigma Phi Scholarship Committee
Department of Classical Studies
Marshall University
Huntington, WV 25701
The application packet may also be requested by email:

-Bernice L. Fox Teaching Training Scholarship will have a value of $500, to support a summer activity contributing to the recipient's preparation for teaching (e.g., American Classical League Institute, the Kentucky Language Institute, or the Illinois Pedagogy Workshop) or university courses leading to certification.
Eligibility: Eta Sigma Phi members who are now teaching, or preparing to teach, at the pre-collegiate level, who have received a Bachelor's degree since January 1, 1995, or who expect to receive it before the summer of 2007, and who have not received a doctoral degree.